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Forex trading vs stock trading



Forex trading vs stock trading

The foreign exchange market is different from any other financial market. The first oddity, one that we have already covered   is that it is a market where people buy nothing more than money     with money  But there are some other elements that make forex unique.

Knowing the difference between the two markets can help us spot opportunities in the way we trade.
24/7 Trading Clock

The foreign exchange market is unique in that the market never stops trading. For example, the London market opens at 2am and closes at 10:30am EST. The New York market opens at 9am to 4:30, meaning for a full 1:30   the markets overlap.

So, when the London markets close, New York has already opened. The Asian market then follow the New York close. Spot forex traders can trade each market seamlessly, with retail brokers making available the opportunity for investors to trade international markets around the clock.

Individual investors can access leverage of up to 2:1 with stocks, but up to 50:1 with forex. Leverage is simply the  a m o u n t of money you need to  put up to buy an investment. At 50:1 leverage, a forex trader needs only $1 in  capital to buy $50 in currency. On the other hand, stock traders use only 2:1 leverage, which means  $1 in capital can purchase only $2 worth of stock.
Simple  Choices

On each stock market there are literally thousands of companies to trade. If you wanted to get started trading stocks, you would have to scan through tens of thousands of companies to decide which would be a good investment  and you would have to hope that the market was open so that you could trade  it

In forex, there are only seven major currency pairs, which means that you can watch the majority of the forex market on one computer screen. Plus, unlike stocks, you don’t have to worry about CEOs, quarterly earnings, balance sheets, etc for thousands of different companies.
Instant execution of trades

Individual stocks may be thinly-traded, and some may have so few buyers and sellers that you may have to wait minutes or even hours for a trade to be filled. This isn’t the case with forex. The most liquid market in the world, forex trades are always executed instantly because there are so many buyers and sellers   that they can be matched quickly and painlessly.

The amount of liquidity is due to the forex market size of $4 trillion in daily trading volume.
No Commissions

Stock brokers charge commissions to   place your trades, forex brokers have zero commissions. Where you might pay $10 to place a stock trade and then pay even more to cover the difference between the current bid/ask prices, forex brokers earn their money solely on the spread

Why Should I Learn Forex Trading



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Forex trading
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Strategy of profitable and convenient for nerves 111

 I would like to offer you a strategy very easy and comfortable to nerves and do not need to control chart is a lot ... perfect for busy people ..

I have tried a lot of ways since it began three years ago, Forex, but frankly did not feel comfortable to like the way this method
This strategy is not my invention but took her and learned from a forum, a renowned foreign Forex Factory Mwacr and added the only one ..

Before getting into the contents of the way there are things I expect you to know

1 - The general trend is for the pair is (bearish, bullish, wobbling) and since we rely on the four hour chart so the direction to know just by looking in some cases you may need a quick tour on the daily chart.

2 - subsidies and resistors, here comes the role of Almosr you added .. But I expect you to know the strength of support / resistance depending on the frame means support / resistance for four hours is not strongly support / resistance daily .. Weekly .. Thus, this is very important because we rely upon in determining the target and stop loss as a first stage to be mastered and then the way you freedom of choice in determining the target / stop loss.
3 - find out candles reflective, especially when formed at the support / resistance for that point number 2 very, very important to know the strength of support / resistance

4 - to know and understand the behavior of the price.
5 - capital management firm very, very
6 - to accept the loss, there is no way of winning a hundred percent and not self-flagellation but the patron of all the conditions before opening the package and thought, but after a land deal to open the results.

We come to the second point is profit the way .. Struck by its honesty and simplicity. Received this way by accident and I'm walking around in that forum and after I read an account opened competition with Windsor on 15 Alshahralmelada current and the amount of 10,000 initially because the account is 17,643.63. I expect you to give yourself enough time to try the demo and I'm not that experienced on Msola true that you have to understand the way words do not trust any one experience is the best proof.

Maaradh you is ..
1 - Commitment Bashart four hours in and out of deals
2 - the obligation to manage the capital even in the demo and the adoption of psychological self-assured of the same stores this means that the amount of the demo the same amount that it will trade on your real and that this help you identify appropriate points to stop loss and target.

Entry requirements .. In case of purchase

1 - Access is from the second blue candle blue candle after the first is the intersection of Mosher TDI green red heading for the top ..
2 - The price is at or close to the support of support
3 - stop loss below support) the number of points below the support estimate)
4 - the first target resistance) depends on the behavior of price and the general trend (

Terms of sale purchase reverse ..

Valid for all couples, but preferably take into account the spreads. .. The less the better, whenever

Notes ..

The candle must be the same if the intersection of n transaction means that the direction we were preparing for a deal that evil must be the intersection candle blue candle and the entry with the opening of the second candle ..
If no interference with the opening of the second candle is not attached to the price and look for another opportunity because the suspension is a very large candle Vladai third of the market risk MILIú opportunities ..
News .. I do not care but the owner says the way to interfere news time ... but personally have not encountered any problem with the news but you are free to try
Not to enter that intersection was a candle candle Limousine whatever the temptations

Practical way with this strategy

Atager eight pairs and take one deal a day on each pair prefer to look for opportunities today, four hours before the opening of the Frankfurt so close to London ..

Cable & Crazy 111

Whatever cable came down and must buy it from hitting the 6458 target and shut down any hours above wary of selling Wi-breaking 6458 for sale, and if brokenout again

In light tower is insane to 128.35, and breaking it Hioasal Beware any breakthem out and sell and adapt to the numbers because they are very important to them Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ............ of course, Pound is expected to tell himnow that he will be accompanied by the euro and the strong euro, but notbecause he has a goal above.

In profits per month more than 2000 points of Boston 111


We are pleased to announce that you have contracted with Boston Merchant Financial (boston merchant financial), a company established and have many advantages in the implementation and Avdilalkhaddmat for traders in the foreign exchange market forex FOREX and other Manalmentjat other stocks and trade of gold and silver and commodities.

Some information about your company:

- Legislative regulation: Boston Merchant Financial company registered in more than his control, where:

- Boston Merchant Financial Company registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission American CFTC and is a member of the Organization of the NFA number 0379830

- Boston Merchant Financial is a member of the regulatory authority of the U.S. financial industry FINRA CRD # 23739

- Boston Merchant Financial Services subject to the financial markets Russian Federation FFMS

- Boston Merchant Financial member of the body Mataatnzim PolyReg a self-recognized by the authority to control money laundering Alvedrallehasuezrah.

- There are approximately ten branches operating Kavra representation of companies around the world.

Properties Company
1 - very special difference in spreads between 2-4 points Amlathalerisah, where the euro-dollar and dollar yen, francs and the dollar two points, and Albaonddolar 3 points only.
2 - Islamic accounts are free of a swap-out of our way.
3 - Trading on more than 24 currency pairs as well as for trading gold, oil and metals company also offers the possibility of trading on a group of famous Alashmalaalmih
4 - Availability of multiple trading platforms, including a special program and the company BMFN Pro Bernamajalmitatredr Metatrader famous program Kornieks BMF CURRENEX wonderful.
5 - Availability Rafhmalah characteristic up to 1: 200
6 - the possibility of using property without the need for hedging reserve Hamchadhavy
7 - All sizes available embankments following: Akdastandrd (large), a mini (small), a Micro can be controlled easily
8 - Deposit is using the bank transfer can also deposit Boisthalchridt Card and e-mail account MoneyBookers Moneybookers and Click Bai Tu Click2pay
Have contributed to this point in solving the problem of having difficulty switching over the banks. Especially the countries of North Africa, religion can not own Visa Card
9 - Finally, the minimum to open an account comapny $ 100 U.S.

Features that our customers will enjoy:

1 - the provision of an Islamic account of the interest-free for our customers.
2 - assist clients in credit and debit transactions to and from the account, and to clarify the appropriate way for them.
3 - to rid all the procedures and documents to open an account for free
4 - Take advantage of your outstanding support to our customers and solve any problem, and most important of which:

- Problems opening the account, and requirements and securities
- Communication problems with the company in case of non-English language proficiency
- Problems of banks and money transfer company
- Deposits and withdrawals to and from the account in the company
- The technical problems facing the client with the program
- All he needs of the customer inquiries or consulting or corporate accounts

5 - to solve any problem that may occur between the client and the company, job by Nhanbalatsal comapny instead of the client and follow up the matter in order to ensure that the client has full right Hsalaly ..

AutoTrade 111




Stores Automated brothers:
Most of us who has an account for trading in the forex market is not sufficient time for the king to appear to the computer 24 hours to follow up their account, so he loses sometimes, because of the lack of sufficient knowledge to choose the right time to withdraw from the deal at a profit, not loss.
Automated technology that stores can save you from all of these psychological pressures, which controls the rights subconsciously,
Machine shops take care to do all these tasks for you dear investor.
Auto shops can be the investor of trading the Forex market without the need to monitor changes and fluctuations in the market. Shop by automated investor can be based trading mechanism based Pfizer Forex recommendations regarding the price of entry and stop-loss price and the potential exists in the system of recommendations by pressing the option and fill in the options window in your Active trading mechanism.
This is for the implementation of automated stores at the recommendation of the individual,
If he wants the customer adjust the shops automated to work on a number of analysts and more than one pair is supported from each analyst to determine the size of the risk in each transaction, it is determined by the rules of Astratejiati that the investor selected in advance to the shops automation (depending on what he sees as the investor).
Rules (strategies) automated stores include:
• the desired account the implementation of automated stores.
• analyst required
• the proportion of risk (the percentage of risky than the overall size of the portfolio).
• couples desired to follow the recommendations of the Mahllaha

Advantages of automated stores:
• implementation of the strategies are to: the implementation of the orders automatically set by the investor once the market reaches these goals.
• Managing money in a wise manner, free from the risk factor, as the proportion of risk that an investor can not exceed the determined 5% of the capital, this prevents huge losses in the event of loss of the deal.
• The customer can withdraw money at any time without limitation or condition.
• profits generated by transactions are the rights of the investor only, not shared by the company a percentage of the profits.
The customer can follow what is going on in their account through our Internet access and can stop trading at any time and withdraw their money all or part of it or withdraw the profits and capital to keep trading

The end of the global economic crisis and agree courses of time 1111




Are known to those with insight and observers of the world economy, the state of collapse, which finally ended in considerable chaos in the markets of small and large ... Open and Limited.
Is now understood by the great and small rich and poor ....
It's a tough equation for unemployment + prices + and B = contagious???
We have collected documents and evidence for more than four months to find the product of this equation in the first place and then try to find the best solution at the level of institutions and individuals and then I set closer to the truth .... When will this sorrow?
And after reaching a clear result and I found myself caught in between ... Do you publish the truth as it is, and then may explain my purpose as wrong? PUBLIC galleries or thing may be to show a way to take precautions and caution?
Even God for guidance and consult the company's board to forming the I want to say in an article and it motivated me to release some of the annual reports of some international institutions, and that approval came to the same vision.

Reality of the situation
In fact, we analyzed the time courses of the world economy and of the various markets the beginning of the currency market through global markets, U.S. stocks and European and Arab countries in the Middle ... We are going through a bear cycle since 2004, characterized this session since its inception in 2006, and while the following:
1 - fear and panic in the markets.
2-4 years at least of the continued decline before the first major correction.
3 - recession and business projects.
4 - Lack of production of wheat and to get the bread and soup and replacement drinks as an alternative diet.
5 - the emergence of a state of despair among the people.
6 - high unemployment significantly.

In fact, did not wear myself out in the conduct of this research, such as huge, but during my study of the methods of committees and try to buy some securities that are considered antique and started in the office of Jean himself. I found that William Dilbert Jean (died 1951) was conducted in search of fantastic in the analysis and develop a vision of global economic conditions in general and particularly the U.S..
Wrote very little of this research by Jean in 1909 when he analyzed the market since in 1784 AD to 2008.
And Department of the years in this period to 10 parts, as stated in the following table, which shows the committees so-called time-scale of the economy or financial time table.

A copy of the agenda the time the economy has also written on a typewriter in the office of Jean

You will find in Section J of the table in the last column of the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 and describe how these years of the economic situation.

These three years ago .... Back to back and remember ... Did what he called Jean?
Personally I remember those rumors that spread in 2006 that bread prices will rise to weakness and delayed due to U.S. aid to Egypt, which urged the Egyptian government by then contracted with Southeast Asian countries to import wheat. And many other things .... Profile on me, I feel that everything he said committees for these years has been achieved.
Jean then explained in Section X, which includes the years 2007 and 2008 (two-year setback for global markets) is described as follows:
- An increase in strikes collapse
- A new high of unemployment
- Many of the deaths of Fame
I think you can be sure that the man who died in 1951 to predict what will happen after him well and a year ....
We should not have to check now and is followed by ... What happens after 2008? What will happen??
Were able to friend the Arab Center for Research on Capital Markets Mr Philippe de Foti is the Spanish nationality and status of completion of the table while the year 2212 and that update came out in 2005 and has provided us with these results which we have verified in the center in 2007 and edited it in collaboration with him.

Of the table, we find that obesity in 2004 will be repeated in the years from 2008 to 2011, this means that the beginning of the quiet dissolution of the economic crisis and we will see the rings in 2011 and early 2012 to be in 2012 and 2013, two years of rising markets are strong and significant

Economic Reports
In early September 2009 and in anticipation of people ... Do leaked distress global crisis or not? And after the meetings of the eight industrialized nations emerged the International Monetary Fund and the report clearly shows that the world has lost about $ 2 trillion in the crisis and there was still time to lose another 4 trillion during the next ... That is the last period of market recovery was only moments of rest before the collapse of a new.
That's what honesty meeting of heads of federations of America two days out of the decision to modify the interest rate on the dollar and came out two days after the resolution unanimously on November 4, 2009 installed the interest rate at zero ... This means that the crisis still exists and does not need to raise interest rates and increase the volume of the debts of individuals and companies.

What is the solution?
To search in the solution and to answer this question we must first determine where the fault?!! ...
As long as there is a problem, there is something wrong and caused disruption in the face ....
I believe that the bug that caused this crisis is the imbalance between the value of money and assets and because some of this to foreign speculators on assets, commodities, as well as monopolies, and I like to also add to these reasons is the proliferation of the idea of ​​the mediator, who is raising the price for his commission personal.
The imbalance in the face of the crisis incident is that there is no clear framework of implicit and combines all the ideas in the face of crises, always strong in the crisis, thinks the principle of "not discouraged by iron but iron." Begins superpowers like the United States to restore its investments through international trade and the illegal spread of disease is epidemic and there will be a treat U.S. is sold to other countries ... (And if the back is treating Chinese diplomatic pressure on China and Chinese disappears idea of ​​treatment in hours). Or to instigate a mini-crises in third world countries as a problem in Darfur, Sudan and Yemen in the Shi'ite-style promotion and sale of light weapons, or fabricate a crisis, quick and simple media make a fuss with the objective of selling away from the best price determined by the market such as the crisis of modern Dubai Covenant.
From the original topic here: Forums dreams [Only registered users can see links. ]
Keep states minor, which must be affected by education and high unemployment rate, both because of the fear of disease or out of funds for the purchase of vaccination for the treatment of epidemic artificial and can not find the big traders in these countries access to the only monopoly which increases the price rise and much of the crisis on the poor .
The cases of the economic collapse that are compatible with the existence of epidemics or famines are the extreme cases of economic collapse and the most violent ....
In my opinion, the Accession of such cases and prepare for them a fixed position and visibility is one of the most important forms of treatment to her.
Now it is similar to the situation of Egypt on the view that the king that he slaughtered seven cows ensure he would eat seven lean and seven Snblatt vegetables and other Iabsat ... And if the king of Egypt did not care for is the vision and follow the advice of the royal court around him when they said, "pipe dream" or one of them did not care to inform the Prophet peace be upon him such a vision would have been a famine in Egypt for 7 years.
From here I can'd proposed solutions to the first two levels of institutional quality, and the second at the corporate level.

At the institutional solution is the solution adopted by the Prophet Joseph and is:
1) Housing Secretary with economic expertise in the correct positions without favoritism or mediation, or bribes.
He says the words of Prophet Yusuf
"Said the coffers of the earth, make me I Hafeez Knowing"

2) production and the tendency to attempt the idea of ​​self-sufficiency and a good number of stocks of essential items is enough melodic end of the crisis and beyond, and to marginalize the role of intermediaries.
He says the words of Prophet Yusuf
"Cultivate the seven years diligently what Hsdtm Vdhiroh in the ear, which only slightly Thsnon"

3) creation of scientific alternatives to energy-saving and activating the role of food and agriculture and unused agricultural land in the Arab world and reduce service activities for the benefit of productive activities.
He says the words of Prophet Yusuf
"Then after that will come in the Agat and the people Aasron"
Solution on an individual level:
1) replace the financial savings to Aenja long-term investment such as investment in local stock markets, or replace in-kind savings, financial savings, such as gold and real estate.
2) personal reflection on the creation of new jobs without legitimate governments need to support (the idea of ​​the Chinese house product)
3) reducing expenditures on recreational things (changing the mobile devices periodically as always, is the latest, attention to appearances, lounging in cafes and restaurants, buy what is not important just for the general form in front of others and make energy ........) in what is useful and helpful.